Sharing remarks from meeting

To the Editor:

It is certain that you and your staff are aware of the overflow turnout at the Milford Town Hall this past Thursday night. Additionally, I am also certain you or your staff have a good census of people’s views. I myself also attended this meet­ing remaining until all the chairs were put away about 1 a.m. Friday morn­ing. The Federal Energy Resources Commission did an excellent job of running out the clock, controlling who got a chance to speak and when – as they are creatures of Kinder Morgan.

I was heartened by the words of David Wheeler, of our executive council, he gave an excellent ex­temporaneous speech.

Also I want to say that my own home is NOT threatened by the pipe­line. But I know others are.

I was hoping, to share remarks of my own, that I was unable to deliver ex­cept to an audience of 15 people, after midnight. I believe they have merit. I hope you agree.

My first comment is that I cannot give it my consent for I have not been suffi­ciently advised of either the merits or the liabili­ties and most importantly of the hazards of the pipe­line project.

Further I love living here in the Souhegan Valley, because for more than 30 years now it has been my home. I value personally it’s landscape of woodlands, brooks and streams and trees, beside our small town commons. Sometimes just the purity of our sunshine is better than the mona lisa’s smile. I also like how we manage ourselves. How good it is when our communities recognize a problem and form a committee. And how over many months these citizens dig into the problem, with common sense, finding the facts and comes back and give us advice on both the good and the bad. So I ask my­self what is so different about our Kinder Mor­gan Pipeline problem? The answer is that some­how we are being told we are no longer in control of what happens in our towns. These Town of the Souhegan Valley here in Southern New Hamp­shire.

In my mind I ask, when did I surrender, and when did the people of the Souhegan Valley surren­der their rights of self-government to the inter­ests of a criminal corpora­tion’s profit. Profit which we know is to be extract­ed from the property, the hard work, the saving of the peoples of this the Souhegan Valley.

When was it that a per­mission to comment, re­placed our inalienable right of self-government. Never is the answer nev­er not ever. So somehow somewhere a subversion a theft of our Liberty is be­ing attempted. The issue here is more than on the merits of this unneeded unnecessary gargantuan potentially catastrophic pipeline.

What I think we should be considering here is the future of our liberty to govern ourselves in the Souhegan Valley. We vote to build roads and schools and municipal water and sewer yet are unable to vote for a potentially catastrophic incendiary device passing through the heart of friends and neighbors property.

What are the forces ar­rayed against us attempt­ing to divert us from our traditional civil right of self-government and self-determination. What is going on?

FERC asks for our com­ments but not our con­sent. Why is the pipeline here. What is the history of the pipeline? Whose idea was this pipeline? Where are the minutes of every meeting between Kinder Morgan and of­ficials of the FERC. Does a simple Hazard analysis exist and why have we not been informed of the results so we can make our own judgments in a quantifiable and certain manner.

I repeat the Federal Energy Management Com­mission should be asking for our consent not our comments. They need our permission, our consent. As we are seeing here a comment is something to be ignored, a public re­lations issue to be dealt with by simple function­aries. For indeed we are being ignored otherwise FERC would be telling us why the pipeline is a good idea. In detail, not sales pitches. And then asking for our consent. Instead we are being told that everything already has been decided away down in Washington. Ev­erything is okay without the facts which allows us as adult citizens to decide collectively for ourselves. Even more infuriating is that the carrot we are be­ing offered is that if we are nice and polite maybe the route will be changed. However the pipeline remains and still will go through. We will have the pipeline Kinder Mor­gan says, No matter what. The rights of Kinder Mor­gan Energy Partners are shown by these actions to be greater than the rights of the citizens of Milford, New Hampshire here as­sembled, the people of the Souhegan Valley and by extension the people of the state of New Hamp­shire.

We are being treated not as adults with rights but as minor children who are only allowed to speak when granted permis­sion. Evidently FERC us­ing the power of the fed­eral government finds it more important to ensure that Richard D. Kinder, formally of the criminal corporation Enron need an addition to his 11,000 million dollar retirement fund.

I close with the follow­ing proposal:

Citizens of Milford I propose a motion be placed on the floor for debate and passage. I propose this motion pur­suant to New Hampshire Statue Section 31:5. I pro­pose that the motion read that a special emergency meeting be held no later than October 1, 2015, to discuss the merits and li­abilities of the North East Direct Pipeline Project’s passage through the town of Milford NH. Informa­tion presented to the vot­ers of New Hampshire shall be made publicly available. Information shall include: Hazard Level at along each sec­tion of pipeline. For each section of pipeline quan­titative information be made publicly available such that others indepen­dently are able to judge the basis and methods used determine such haz­ard levels. Further Fees paid by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners One Al­len Center of Houston Texas and or Kinder Mor­gan, Inc KMI no address available to the Federal Energy Management Com­mission also be made publicly available.