Environmental Citizens are wrong about use of Brox land

To the Editor:

In 2000, the town purchased a 270-acre property for future commercial development, recreation, school, emergency services, municipal use, cemeteries and conservation use.

The Brox Environmental Citizens somehow over the past 15 years, feel that this property has been purchased solely for conservation. Where they got this idea, I’ll never know. I’ve yet to see it written anywhere.

The town is aware of the significant amount of wetlands and vernal pools that need protection from future development and those needs are taken into consideration in the decisions being made.

Time and time again voters have made it clear that they support commercial and industrial development of a portion of the Brox parcels. The payback from the sales will come from development, which is not going to happen if we let the land just sit. I’m all for saving the environment, but not at the expense of our town’s future.

The more I read the editorials being published from the BEC, the more livid I get. Two weeks ago the BEC stated that the town calculates families generally as being tax-negative because of the high cost of educating their children and providing other services to the families and their residences. That has to be the most asinine thing I’ve ever read. Way to go BEC for discouraging future growth in Milford.

The most recent editorial refers to the 93 acres of "poor" quality industrial land being better suited for conservation, so now the BEC are land quality experts?

I think the biggest thing that frustrates me is the constant twisting of words from the BEC, the throwing around of numbers that make no sense, or maybe the blatant lies that they believe in their minds, to be true.

I do urge people to read the 2014 Brox Community Lands Master Plan to see what the intentions of this purchase is supposed to be used for.

Growth is going to occur, wildlife is going to be affected and bounce back like it has for thousands of years. It is my opinion that whatever the town allows on the Brox property will be met with opposition because it doesn’t satisfy what BEC wants, and what they want is to take away our children’s future property tax revenues, future schools and playing fields, our town’s future emergency services and a place to lay our dead to rest.

Tina Philbrick