5 people deciding fate of NH resident

To the Editor:

To all who read the article about low at­tendance at the Kinder Morgan open house in Milford, I would like to tell you a bit about why attendance was low. It is for two reasons.

One: We, the citizens, are tired. We are tired of working all day, going to meetings at night and spending countless hours fighting a billion-dollar corporation with millions of dollars at its disposal.

In spite of thousands of Granite Staters (many, many taxpayers, includ­ing municipal govern­ments of at least 15 towns, 32 conservation commis­sions, and more) actively opposing this project, we are at the mercy of five people appointed by President Obama, the heads of the Federal En­ergy Regulatory Commis­sion, who will determine our future and that of all of southern New Hamp­shire.

It is a rigged and backward system. FERC employess, like Eric Tomasi, who run "scop­ing meetings" where mere citizens can voice their concerns regarding impacts of project such as fear of wells being disturbed by the blasting through granite that will have to happen along the 71-mile route through the GRANITE State, never actually speak to these five people who deter­mine our future. They file environmental impact statements, where our fears are recorded, that these five people will see, but no one seems to know what exactly these five people look at to deter­mine and prove need of the project, which, interestingly, is not done before the rigors and costs of environmental assessments.

By the way, more than 10 percent of the route through our beautiful southern New Hampshire towns is going directly through conservation land.

Our opposition, and research, and defense against a broken federal system and a corporate giant taking our land by eminent domain for its own profit where gas will be exported overseas, while claiming to reduce energy costs to our area and provide gas to our towns, is on our dime, our time. And we are tired.

They use an asterisk with their claims to keep it legal – you have to read the fine print to realize it will be decades or never till small towns they claim will get the benefit of gas ever might.

Two: Really, this second round of open houses is a waste of our time. Kinder Morgan is neither trans­parent nor honest, in my opinion.

An example is what participants were told last week at a well-attended open house in New Ipswich. Our real estate values will not go down near the compres­sor station or pipe; why, they should even go up. And as far as emissions from the compressor sta­tion being harmful, not to worry – a computerized model will be completed taking into account all factors and shown to state agencies proving emissions will meet all standards.

Well, a Harvard study just showed that their "models" don’t reflect reality. Here is the URL: www.utne. com/environment/gas-compressors-and-nose-bleeds-zm0z15fzsau. aspx?PageId=1.

Here is the link to the Harvard Study: www. hsph.harvard.edu/news/ press-releases/air-pollution-below-epa-standards-linked-with-higher-death-rates.

We are tired of double-speak.

We are tired of our poli­ticians not realizing the truth that this pipeline has not one electric grid customer, but will deci­mate the Mondadnock Region, and when the gas not already contracted (which is over half) goes to export, we, along with the rest of New England and the United States, will be competing in a global market for our own U.S. gas.

Please help your neigh­bors: Write to Governor Maggie Hassan and ask her not to let five people from Washington, D.C., who have never even visited the project site trump all state laws and decide our future.


New Ipswich