MCAA lacks volunteers, considers dissolving

To the Editor:

For 58 years, the Milford Communi­ty Athletic Association has provided for the youth of the Milford area to enjoy sports activities and an oppor­tunity to develop physical and social skills in a safe and enjoyable envi­ronment. Many volunteers have put enormous efforts into this association to ensure those opportunities have been available for all of our children. Our gratitude for those efforts has been regularly conveyed and is well deserved.

Today’s message is about the future of the MCAA rather than the past. Over the last five years, the MCAA program offerings and participation levels have increased, however, the level of volunteerism has declined significantly. Outreaches for coaches, team parents, concessions assistance, and many other requests while fre­quent, have often gone totally unan­swered. Addressing this dwindling participation at the sport level has been the focus of the MCAA, as with­out a solid footing for our sports, we would have no programs to offer.

At the same time our sports have struggled to maintain adequate volun­teer participation levels, people who choose to serve at the MCAA board level has declined to a critically low point. This lack of participation has forced the board of directors to con­sider dissolution. The MCAA Board takes on specific tasks that benefit every program. Maintaining relation­ships with town departments, provid­ing fiscally responsible guidance for affordable programs, maintaining association assets such as the fields and facilities at the Russ Monbleau youth sports complex on North River Road, and developing partnerships with area businesses whose missions tie into the beliefs of the MCAA are only a few duties entrusted to the volunteers on the board of the MCAA. Without adequate participation at this level, there will be no MCAA, and a very uncertain future for youth sports in Milford.

If you or your children have en­joyed the opportunities that the MCAA provides it is entirely due to the volunteer efforts of those current­ly in position, and the many dedicated individuals that preceded them. If you have not achieved the level of satis­faction desired in MCAA programs, perhaps this information brings to light the challenges faced by too few volunteers trying to do the work of many. The time for comments and sug­gestions has past. In order to preserve the 58-year history of the MCAA it is now time for actions and efforts.

If you would like to join the effort to save the MCAA we invite you to attend the MCAA meeting on Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium at Milford Town Hall.


MCAA President