BEC doesn’t speak for all residents

To the Editor:

Recently I attended the "5th Monday" board of selectmen meeting, where the focus was on the Brox issue. Members or supporters of the Brox Environmental Citizens spoke against the towns’ intention to sell the property, while several members of the general public spoke in support of the town.

One speaker, in a somewhat rambling state­ment, accused the entire BOS of essentially being corrupt and conducting backroom-style, sweet­heart deals with "the old boy network", as a normal method of conducting business. The speaker then went on to state that the BEC was not a small group as shown by the 161 or so signatures collected on a petition. If Milford’s estimated population is 15,164 people, that’s slightly more than 1 per­cent, a small amount by most definitions. I don’t mean to imply that their opinions hold less weight than anyone else’s, we’re all entitled to a say. The speaker also took offense with town employees and members of other boards expressing their own opinions on the matter, as if they’re not allowed to do so. Acting as private citizens, I believe they most certainly have that right.

If the BEC had their way, Milford wouldn’t be allowed to grow any larg­er than what it currently is and in their opinion is too big already. The town itself was described as "turning into Nashua" and it was suggested that eco-tourism could save the day. If that’s a solu­tion, the "eco tourists" will be staying in the sur­rounding towns, spending their money elsewhere, while hopefully hiking or otherwise making use of the area, because in fact, short of the motel on Elm Street, there is no lodg­ing here in town. With crumbling infrastructure and a stagnant tax base, the town needs to add tax generating properties to the rolls or things will get worse. That’s not my opinion, that’s fact. Would you rather hundreds of new homes be built tak­ing even more land or to have a business come to town and move into an area that has always been slated for commercial development?

I’ve really never been one to make waves but the anti-Brox group doesn’t speak for me, I can do that just fine my­self and will be doing so more often.

Milford is a great town, but if it’s going to pros­per or even just survive, change is inevitable.

George Skuse