Why wasn’t governor at pipeline meetings?

To the Editor:

In reference to (The Cabinet) Sept. 16 article "Low attendance at Kinder Morgan open house," why would Maggie Hassan request another set of Kinder Morgan open house reruns?

We, as affected citizens/families, already have a clear view of the proposed pipeline project, along with knowing the adverse effects we are facing in our neighborhoods.

We are losing portions of our per­sonal properties. Land, privacy and safety/security will then be an issue as well as facing property devalua­tion. Also, wildlife, plus noise, air and water quality will be compro­mised.

This, of course, is all through no choice of our own!

Thank you, FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission).

Why wasn’t our governor in atten­dance at our town meetings to hear first hand what we are facing? Ap­pears disruption, not being in their neighborhoods, makes it less urgent an issue!

FERC, along with Kinder Morgan, have large staffs who convene to plan this project through, while property owners are given only a two-minute limit at a microphone to defend our homes! Hardly fair!

Google Milford, Texas 10" Pipe Line Explosion and see why the 36-inch pipeline proposed route through New Hampshire as it stands does not present a good future for all families involved.

George and Zona Torrey