Wilton residents oppose NED pipeline plan

To the Editor:

The Wilton Board of Selectmen held an open meeting on Monday the 18th, with the NED pipeline as the sole topic on the agenda.

Over 40 town residents attended, and were given the floor to voice their opin­ions for approximately two hours. No one spoke in favor of the NED pipeline.

It was overwhelmingly clear that the proposed pipeline had nothing to recommend it.

The points made included:

  • No benefit to Wilton or our neigh­boring small-town residents can be expected from this pipeline.
  • Kinder Morgan and their subsid­iary Tennessee Gas Pipeline would be the only beneficiaries, and would be allowed to seize property by eminent domain for their own profit.
  • Already existing pipelines and compressor stations in the U.S. have caused significant and irremediable pollution of ground and surface water. The full range of such contamina­tion is impossible to assess, in part because the movement of such waters cannot be charted.
  • The blowdowns (the regularly scheduled and emergency emptying of a number of miles of highly pres­surized gas from the pipeline which occurs at the compressor station) cause proven air and water pollu­tion and have had a negative health impact on the people living in areas close to current compressor stations. Kinder Morgan has not committed itself to the size of the compressor sta­tion. The compressor station as now proposed would be one of the largest in the nation, and they have reserved the right to more than double its size if they so choose.
  • Southern New Hampshire would effectively become an "energy cor­ridor" for the Northeast, putting our residents at risk, spoiling our natural beauty, fresh air and clean water, and violating hard-earned conserva­tion areas, all the while lowering our property values. It could open the door to more pipelines in the future.
  • FERC has unreasonable regula­tory powers and is entirely funded by approving pipelines and receiving a percentage of the revenue that flows through those pipelines. This needs to be changed.

The Wilton Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to oppose the pipeline and to join our neighboring towns to that end.

As the Wilton residents present cheered this decision, they were al­ready talking about how to make this threat known, and joining the efforts of other towns to protect the Greater Monadnock Region of southern New Hampshire. It is a threat not only to our regional character and way of life, but to the health and welfare of the people who live here.

Glynn Graham