Let’s join together to save the Swing Bridge

To the Editor:

Thank you so much for the wonder­ful picture of the Swing Bridge in the Sept. 24 issue of The Cabinet Press. It rekindled some of my fondest memo­ries of growing up in Milford, when it was still considered a small town.

The two boys in the foreground could easily have been my brother and me on our bikes 50 years ago. We crossed that bridge thousands of times on our way to and from Milford schools, Boy Scout events and Little League baseball games in east Mil­ford. We often fished from the bridge and the dam just below it.

Like generations before us, we un­derstood our solemn obligation to get that bridge swinging wildly whenever we set foot upon it. After all, what was the sense of having a swinging bridge if you couldn’t make it swing once in a while? I still remember local mis­creants driving Volkswagens across (before the entry posts were put in place), much to the chagrin of local officials.

I cannot believe that anyone who loves Milford, especially those who have walked the bridge, would allow such an integral part of the com­munity to perish. The remaining suspension (swing) bridges in New Hampshire are now akin in rarity to our covered bridges. Both are cul­tural treasures to be preserved and enjoyed.

It would truly be sad, and a great loss for Milford, to see such a beauti­ful bridge, a bridge which has brought such joy to so many, disappear. Some­thing must be done to save it.

I believe that there are many folks living in Milford and elsewhere who love this bridge as much as I do and understand what its loss to the community will mean. I also believe that the $500,000 required to save this unique landmark can be raised through the fundraising efforts of committed local community and school organizations, state and/or federal grants, the town of Milford, canvassing class reunions, social me­dia outreach and contributions from folks like me who no longer live in our hometown but still breathe Milford every day.

Though I have not lived in Milford for over 30 years, I would like to contribute to this effort as, I suspect, many others will, as well. Please let me know where to send my check.

Chuck Rood


Milford Area Senior High Class of 1972