Local dog owners: Do you know where your dog is?

Apparently, one of you can answer no to this question.

I have seen your dog several times running through my backyard. What has me all fired up is that the last time he came through he was chasing a deer.

This is unacceptable.

The description is a big heavy brown short-hair, similar to a pit bull. The deer had her mouth open, so she had been running for a while. She ran into a thick area in back of my house. The dog was a couple of minutes behind her following her scent. He started into the area where she went, then changed his mind and started around it to cut her off if she came out the other side.

I don’t know what happened after that, but only can hope she got away. She would have no defense against this or any other dog.

I have several trail cams around my property, and if I get this dog’s picture on any of them, I will turn it over to the Fish and Game Depart­ment. I already reported it to the police.

According to New Hampshire law, you must have control of your dog at all times. Obviously, you don’t. Please be a responsible dog owner and keep this one either tied or contained be­hind a fence.

Ruth Smith