Love, admiration expressed for Paris following attack

Yet again we need inspiration! Our dear Paris has come under siege! I send this poem off to you that ex­plains the profound love and admira­tion we have for this beacon of light and life.

"A Love Song to Paris" by Victor Hugo

"O Paris est la cite-mere!

"Paris est le lieu solonnel

"Ou le tourbillon ephemere

"Tourne sur un centre eternel!

"Toujours Paris s’ecrie et gronde!

"Nul ne sait question profonde!

"Ce que perdrait le bruit du monde

"Le jour ou Paris se tairait?"


"O Paris is the mother nurturing city!

"Paris is as well a solemn place

"Where ephemeral whirlwinds of life

"Turn toward an eternal center!

"And, always, Paris screams out and scolds!

"No one knows the answer to the most profound question!

"What would the world lose of light, life, sound

"If Paris were to be silenced?"

This says it all!

Carol Bonow