Letters to the Editor – May 5, 2016

What is really going on with land use change tax bill?

To the Editor:

When farmer Steve Trombly, who also owns an excavating company, started selling the sand and gravel he was excavating out of his farm property on North River Road, the land became no longer qualified for the tax break called current use.

Therefore, the town assessor rightly sent the businessman a Land Use Change Tax bill for $6,800. However, Mr. Trombly didn’t believe he should be getting this bill and appealed to the Board of Selectmen to cancel it. Astonishingly, the BOS granted an abatement for the full $6,800 that would have gone into the general fund, where it could pay for important things like a computer system fix to improve security for the Police Department.

Selectman Daniels cited the ambiguity of the state law, and two other selectmen (Fougere and Putnam) agreed. But the only ambiguity and confusion is the one created by Selectman Daniels in refusing to accept the authoritative advice of the town assessor that the $6,800 tax bill is correct and ought to be paid.

The town assessor has clearly and strongly stated the case that state law applies to Mr. Trombly’s change of current use, as it does to all other people who changed to using their land for commercial purposes, something not allowed under the current use program.

The Board of Selectmen is setting a bad precedent, and taxpayers should tell them so.

All of this leads me to ask, What is really going on?

Paul F. Cunningham, Ph.D. Milford

Thank you for taking stand against pipeline

To the Editor:

I would like to thank David Wheeler, who is on the Executive Council, for taking a strong stand against the NED pipeline. He did not just give lip service or send a letter or two to FERC, but challenged FERC. One challenge was at a public meeting in Milford, where he laid out his concerns on the impact on our environment, the misinformation Kinder Morgan was putting out to the public and the fact that we in New Hampshire would not benefit, but take all the risks. For those who were at that meeting in Milford, you saw firsthand the strong leadership and facts that David Wheeler was able to confront Kinder Morgan with.

On the down side, I was disappointed in Gov. Maggie Hassan and U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Both were unapproachable, failing to answer calls or get actively involved in opposing this pipeline. Late in the game, when they realized they needed our votes, they sent out some letters. Now they are trying to spin they were proactive with us from the start. Both Hassan and Ayotte should not be rewarded for playing politics with our land and homes, and putting families in the clutches of Kinder Morgan and eminent domain.

Jim Rubens (said he) believes "Kinder Morgan may have spared New Hampshire’s southern border towns by mothballing its natural gas pipeline, but the threat remains." Specifically, Rubens proposed amending 15 U.S. Code 717f by removing FERC authority to take private property other than when the taking is for a purpose wholly for public use and necessity. Where the burden of proof is now placed on the property owner to show a lack of public necessity, Rubens proposes the burden to be placed on the pipeline applicant. Hassan and Ayotte are playing a political game for your vote. We now have another choice if Jim Rubins can win his challenge to Kelly Ayotte’s Senate seat. The primary for this will be in September.

Thanks to all the towns, boards of selectmen and residents who put their life on hold for the benefit of all of us. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.

Alice Bury Amherst

Ayotte should help save Brox town land

To the Editor:

Last year the Milford selectmen almost succeeded in selling 93 acres of the Brox town land, one of Milford’s best natural treasures.

The industrial development project was spurred by Sen. Kelly Ayotte and her team, who facilitated communication among the parties (www.stoneyard. com/information/pressreleases/ relocation). Apparently, Sen. Ayotte was unaware that this land is a 270-acre wetland complex of high ecological value, an environmental gem. It is interesting that Sen. Ayotte wrote in The (Nashua) Telegraph on April 20 that "Earth Day should be every day" and that similar natural treasures like Mine Falls Park in Nashua ought to be permanently protected. It would make sense for Sen. Ayotte to also help save the Brox town land.

This special place in Milford deserves permanent protection, too, and should not be subjected to a large mining operation that the selectmen are in the process of implementing. Unfortunately for nature and people who love nature, the Board of Selectmen’s actions would destroy an enormous amount of the natural value of the Brox town land, including habitat of endangered species.

If you want to help stop the nature-destroying mining operation, then you can sign the Stop the Town of Milford NH from starting a gravel operation at this link: tinyurl. com/StopGravelOp.

Tom Gardner Milford

Woman holding Crohn’s benefit

To the Editor:

I, Jessica Mann, am writing to you on behalf of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. I have suffered from Crohn’s for many years. People do not realize how Crohn’s can affect one’s life and how debilitating it can be for those suffering from it.

The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, New England chapter, has been making great strides on all fronts of their mission. Their vision is a world free of Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, also know as inflammatory bowel disease. More then 1.4 million Americans live with these devastating diseases, and 10 percent of those are children.

Personally understanding the struggle one faces with Crohn’s, I decided it was time to help out. I started "A Night Without Crohn’s." This will be our third annual benefit event.

On Aug. 13 at the VFW in Milford, with the help from family and friends, we will be hosting a bike run, followed by a dinner and dance. One hundred percent of all money raised will go to The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America to help support strategic research initiatives to flourish, educational programs and support groups to expand, and the hope for all a cure is just around the corner. This is a very personal cause for me, and we are dedicated to the process of making that happen, but we need your help. We are asking you for donations in the form of an item for our silent auction. Silent auctions are a good way to raise additional money at benefits, and any item that your company can donate, whether it be in the form of a gift certificate or merchandise, would be greatly appreciated. I would like to thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with us for raising funds. We will also gladly place your company name on our program as one of this year’s sponsors. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the address given or at MannJessica 59@yahoo.com or 657-6983. All donations should be mailed to: Jessica Mann, 37 Wilton Road No. 305, Milford NH 03055.
Jessica Mann Milford