Letter to the Editor

Donation generates business tax credits, aids education

To the Editor:

If you own or manage a business in New Hampshire, you have a great opportunity to generate tax credits for your company while improving the educational opportunities in New Hampshire, especially for low-income and underprivileged kids. I urge you to spend just a few minutes to learn the positive tax impact a donation will have for your business. You will be pleasantly surprised.

As one of your state Legislators, I am well aware of the challenges the state and schools have in providing a great education for our students. Too frequently our low-income and underprivileged children are denied the opportunity for access to a great education.

The Children’s Scholarship Fund through your generosity will provide more kids the chance for the education they need to really succeed and at the same time provide your company with generous tax credits. Take a moment and go to www.csfnewhampshire.org or nh.scholarshipfund.org/support/ education-tax-credits and learn how to help the kids and your company. I’m told the benefits are well worth the time spent. Thank you for your efforts.

Rep. Peter T. Hansen N.H. House of Representatives Hillsborough District 22 Amherst