Letters to the Editor

> Lesser of two evils? Not even close

To the Editor:

Been asked to put a third party candidate on the NH ballot? Heard tempting statements like, "Don’t vote the lesser of two evils, vote for some­one you like!"

Unfortunately, the choice is not simply between the lesser of two evils. The reality is that one choice represents the end of America as we know it.

If Trump wins there’s a likelihood we’ll see religious tests, racial profiling, torture, loss of our free press, bankrupt­ing the country to deport all illegal immigrants and build a laughable wall! Never mind the loss of trust by our allies across the globe!

We must understand that Donald will do what­ever is best for Donald. He’s a documented se­rial liar and a bully. He doesn’t have experience in governing and has demonstrated he doesn’t even understand how government functions.

So third party candi­date, right? Wrong!

The Green Party is tiny and the Libertarian party is problematic. Libertar­ians espouse freedom and liberty – at the expense of those less fortunate. The Libertarian Party was co-opted by the Koch brothers as a shelter for their wealth while also eliminating pesky safety and environmental regulations to maximize their profits. Libertarians are for eliminating the minimum wage, ending the IRS, public educa­tion, libraries and safety net programs. We can only wonder how a single parent deals with educa­tion or daycare while also being able to earn enough for food, clothing and shelter? How would the disabled cope? The el­derly who lost everything in the Great Recession? Libertarians want these groups supported by churches and charitable organizations – even with the safety net programs in place now, that still isn’t enough …

I am an independent voter, I know both major parties are corrupted by the influence of money in our political system. Further, I’m no Hillary Clinton fan. But I’m con­fident she knows exactly how government works, she’s personally acquaint­ed with many global leaders and she’s actually the MOST experienced politician to ever run for president in the history of the US! Listen, four more years similar to the last eight won’t mean the end of the world. And it’s WAY better than the chance of nuking Europe – some­thing Trump actually suggested!

This is not a typical election – the choice we have doesn’t represent equivalent outcomes on either side of a scale. We are still working within a two party system. The chance that any third party will win the presi­dency this election is in­finitely remote. However, any votes that are taken away from Hillary will mean a win by Trump. Are you comfortable with the potential apoca­lyptic outcome Trump winning the presidency represents? If you are as seriously concerned as me, you must vote for Hillary.

J. Siegrist


Thanks for a great night of civic literacy

To the Editor:

I wanted to express my thanks to the Milford Cabinet and the people of Milford who were all instrumental in making our first night of civic lit­eracy at Hampshire Hills a great success! Thank you Milford Cabinet for your wonderful article acknowledging the 3 classes. You have always been a great friend of the We the People program and have highlighted many of its successes.

I would also like to thank Lisa McKay and Rick Holder of Hamp­shire Hills for hosting the forums. Furthermore, I would like to thank Mike MacInerny and Granite Town Media for video­taping the evening and showing it on our PEG stations. I’d also like to thank Amanda Alcox and Tim Finan for putting it on Facebook live. There were over 200 people who watched it live via this social media opportunity.

I’d further like to rec­ognize the over 40 attend­ees who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in this civic literacy conversation. I’m so proud to be part of a community that has this interest.

Our next session will be Wednesday, August 10, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Hamp­shire Hills. Topics will include political parties, judicial review, the 14th amendment and what rights are protected in the Bill of Rights. There will definitely be a lot on our plate!

Members of the com­munity are welcome to attend, even if you didn’t make the first session.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to have such a great forum!

Dave Alcox


Environmental sincerity questioned

To the Editor:

A July 28 Cabinet editorial gave the ben­efit of the doubt about environmental sincerity to Town Administrator Mark Bender who an­swers to the selectmen. I wish their environmental concern were genuine, but their actions betray a much different intent.

If Milford selectmen are sincere about protect­ing the rare, threatened & endangered species that live on site at the Brox town land, then:

Why did Mr. Bender demand the removal of beneficial turtle crossing signs along Heron Pond Road that had been do­nated for the second year in a row by Brox Environ­mental Citizens to help keep turtles and other wildlife safe?

Why does the town dump huge amounts of municipal solid waste at Brox that is supposed to go to the town’s solid waste facility – a com­plaint now being pro­cessed by NH DES?

Why have 24,000 cubic yards of "spoils" dredged out of Osgood Pond and dumped at Brox just a couple hundred feet from the sighting of an endan­gered Hognosed Snake and at-risk vernal pools? Dump trucks have already started rolling in and tire tracks have come reckless­ly close to a documented endangered blanding’s turtle nesting site.

Why file for a state Alteration of Terrain Per­mit to convert five acres along Heron Pond Road into sports fields where an endangered Hognosed Snake revealed himself to be living right there?

Why did BOS Chair­man Fougere negatively respond with a closed mind to the Conservation Commission chair’s call for a study of the vulner­able rare, threatened & endangered species?

These actions and others on the part of the selectmen show a track record of environmental insensitivity and a callous disregard for endangered species. They are already headed down the path of least environmental protection and outright destruction, and will continue to do so as long as they can get away with it. See for yourself.

Paul Cunningham, Ph.D.