Letters to the Editor

Giving the Republican Party credit for sleight of hand

To the Editor:

The gentleman who deplored the "basket of deplorables" statement could use some lessons in the mother tongue (English).

"Deplorable" doesn’t represent a set of conditions everyone agrees on. I may deplore the use of cellphones in an elevator, meeting or during a conversation, while others may find it tolerable. I wish he’d mentioned some of the deplorable comments from other politicians.

I found Mr. Trump’s statement that John McCain was no hero because he’d been captured to be deplorable. His 1991 letter to the N.Y. State Assembly’s Committee on Cities, complaining that disabled veterans were vending on Fifth Avenue, home of Trump Tower in Manhattan, also was deplorable (but then, I’m a disabled veteran, too). It’s pretty deplorable, too, that Trump’s, deplorable or not, supporters have tried to make hay of Secretary Clinton’s medical history.

Because the gentleman has friends who are Trump supporters (many, I suspect) and condemn racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny and xenophobia, causes me wonder how they can support a candidate who has made statements in favor of all those traits. The Republi­can Party has been courting a base for the last eight years which is far to the right, and now that base has put forth a candidate who seems to exemplify the above beliefs. It’s little wonder some find them deplorable.

Finally, the Republican Party, prop­ping up a candidate who is an insider of the establishment, is unlikely to shake anything up, but will solidify the plutocratic system which has been gaining the ground decade by decade that the middle class is losing. I wonder that as many of the middle class have been convinced to blame this on the Democratic Party. I give the Republicans credit for this sleight of hand.

Russ Brady


Thank you to Milford, Amherst for support of peace walk

To the Editor:

On Oct. 1, the Souhegan Valley Interfaith Council sponsored the first Interfaith Peace Walk. Many local faith communities contributed many volunteer hours to bring this vision to fruition.

Despite the rain, we had a great turn­out and a very successful walk! Howev­er, it could not have happened without the support from the towns of Milford and Amherst, specifically the follow­ing: Milford Board of Selectmen; Mark Bender, town administrator; Capt. Craig Frye, of the Milford Police Department; Officer Daniel Campbell, of the Milford Police Department; Milford Depart­ment of Public Works; the EMT staff; the Souhegan CERT (Community Emer­gency Response Team), which served as our crossing guards; and the Amherst Lions Club, which provided the water stations.

The Souhegan Valley Interfaith Council would like to express our gratitude to all of the town of Milford and Amherst personnel who supported our efforts in making this walk possible. Thank you!

The Rev. Stephanie Rutt

Community organizer for the Interfaith Peace Walk

Souhegan Valley Interfaith Council

Thank you for information on Milford Historical Society

To the Editor:

The Milford Historical Society would like to thank Dean Shalhoup for the wonderful and informative article in the latest Cabinet. The article and photos highlighted the wealth of infor­mation available to the public at the Milford Historical Society. The Cabinet has been very generous printing many articles for the society.

Adrienne Schelberg

Milford Historical Society

Jim Lawrence has real-world, business experience

To the Editor:

In N.H.-02, we finally have a candi­date for office in Jim Lawrence who has the experience to understand that when more jobs are created here at home, we all have more earning power as work­ers. He also knows that jobs are created when taxes are low, government gets out of the way and entrepreneurs are able to invest in creating or expanding their businesses.

Jim Lawrence is a small-business owner. Unlike Congresswoman Annie Kuster, he actually has the real-world experience to know that we must cut regulations and red tape, reduce taxes on job creators, and eliminate govern­ment waste and overreach.

Jobs and the economy are two of the most important issues I’ll be voting on this November. For that reason, Jim Lawrence will absolutely be getting my family’s support on Election Day.

Tedd Landon