Letter to the Editor

‘Wonderful’ way to usher in the Christmas spirit

To the Editor:

Donna Reed, Jimmy Stewart and Dennis Markaverich have done it again! The showing of "It’s a Wonder­ful Life" on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 18, for the benefit of the Open Cup­board Pantry ushered us all into the Christmas spirit.

One could not help but smile at the many hundreds of food items sur­rounding the Christmas tree in the theater lobby, the smell of the hot buttered popcorn, and the familiar sights and sounds of this old classic movie.

The theater erupted in joyful applause when Clarence got his wings, and afterward, theater pa­trons walked out into the night to be greeted by another gift: 400 luminaria candles gracing both sides of the entire length of Main Street, placed there by the Wilton Main Street as­sociation.

A very Merry Christmas season and thank-you to all!

Linda Stowe-LaDouceur

Open Cupboard Pantry