Conservation Commission not consulted about conservation

To the Editor:

It seems the Milford Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) is very uncomfortable about the selectmen’s 2016 expenditure of $60,000 for two soccer fields along Heron Pond Road on the Brox town land.

One reason is that the BAC never had a chance to vote on the construction project.

Town Administrator Mark Bender, who speaks for the Board of Selectmen, confirmed that the Conservation Commission also was not given an opportunity to vote on the project, even though the site is a known habitat of threatened and endangered species and is part of a large, ecologically important wetland complex.

Mr. Bender explained to the BAC that the sports fields were built under the sole authority of the selectmen and with extra money found in the budget of the Department of Public Works.

Voters will recall that there has been $0 appropriated for Brox via warrant articles. Cleverly, the selectmen found a way around that limitation.

By the way, the project has already cost $30,000 over budget of the original $29,250 presented to the public at the July 14 meeting, and there will be additional costs in the future.

But no matter how nicely Mr. Bender spins the $60,000 expenditure, the selectmen behaved badly for having gone solo. Selectmen classified the project as simply routine management of land and would not recognize it for what it really is, a new and costly project.

The selectmen cite the town’s master plan as justification, but ignore the fact that plans don’t come with appropriation of funds; only taxpayers can do that.

Come voting day, taxpayers have the opportunity to replace selectmen who spend taxpayers’ money like drunken sailors and send the message that it’s the voters who decide on where their money goes.

Suzanne Fournier


Brox Environmental Citizens


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