Milford Democrats issue invitation to meetings

To the Editor:

Later this month a new president will take office, a man whom the majority of voters rejected, including here in Milford.

As a Democrat, and a member of this community who ran on the Democratic ticket in November, I understand the angst of the electorate. I went door-to-door and talked with voters in Milford, Wilton, Amherst and Merrimack. I get the outrage. And I’m still working to combat the misogyny, racism and the racial profiling the president-elect continues to espouse; I will fight the worship of oligarchy and the wealth-based discrimination against workers, the middle class and families. This all-out war on the poor, and all-out war on education, which began during the Reagan Administration, is now being felt by the middle class.

Those in high school during the Reagan years (1981-89) and later, those who received a high school diploma in the early 1980s and since, are the ones most likely now to feel the effects of our changing economy. The same technology that gave us Twitter, Facebook and the iPhone/iWatch and Star Trek-like live personal video communication has also given the manufacturing industry the ability to create robots to do the jobs of thousands of workers.

And those who have lost their jobs due to our ever-changing technology prowess need to realize that this job-loss is due to progress, not due to the outsourcing of jobs to Mexico, China or India. It is due to technology. A novice political demagogue cannot undo it.

We all know our economy has changed. We know it will continue to change. And in order to adapt to – and understand – the change, we must accept it and embrace it. Yet our president-elect has rejected this fact, like he has rejected so many other facts.

Our job now is to remain present, present to the immediate situation. Call out the truth, the facts and what is present.

So, I’m asking for your presence, for you to be present. Come to our meeting(s): First Thursday of the month (tonight), 7 p.m., Wadleigh Memorial Library, Milford. Whether you’re a Republican who didn’t vote for the president-elect or an undeclared uncomfortable with a political party, come and meet us. We’re people just like you, we live in Milford; we care about issues, our community and our country.

Come talk with us. Work with us.

In November in Milford, Trump beat Clinton 3,850-3,816. That’s 34 votes! Counting third-party candidates, more than 4,000 Milford voters voted against the president-elect. I ask you 4,000-plus: Please, come join us. Let’s talk.

Roger Tilton

Milford Democrats