Question of honor among politicians

To the Editor:

The opinion of the FBI, CIA and NSA are in and published (and available for download). It appears that the Russian GRU, under President Putin’s direction, has had a go at helping U.S. citizens choose a president.

The dissembling has begun from Mr. Trump’s camp while also throwing a bit of mud at the intelligence services, quite a bit of which is deserved, since the CIA especially has had a less than stellar record on intelligence assessments and actions since its inception.

I’m currently reading a biography of Vlad Putin. I won’t give the title, but it rhymes with The Pan Without a Space. It’s best read in short sittings. After a while, picking the book up and continuing can become a chore similar to reading about the fall of civilization. I tend to find reasons not to. Especially before bed.

Since President Obama set the intelligence wallahs to determining what the evidence says happened and publishing it, Mr. Trump began his Twitter storms deriding their ability to find anything more complicated than the office door, then saying what a job it would be to backtrack a hacker and now implying that “they” are all in it together and when he takes office there will be a housecleaning. In the CIA especially. I assume the incoming intelligence chief, with his broad background in lobbying between stints on Capitol Hill, will make short work of the wayward agencies.

I wonder what an honorable man or woman would do if, after being elected, he or she found that the electorate had had help with their choice of candidate from a foreign leader who has been known for not forgetting an enemy or a slight and for being heavy handed in his ways dealings with them. It should be kept in mind that after the 2011 Russian elections and subsequent citizen protests and riots over the results that Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, spoke out against the handling of protesters and the Russian election irregularities. Putin then spoke out about Mrs. Clinton.

My question is if Mr. Trump is an honorable man, especially since he seems to want to BFF Mr. Putin, what would such an honorable man do?

Russ Brady