Medals are awarded, not won, for heroic acts

To the Editor:

Mr. Cleveland, you always provide me with an enjoyable chuckle when I read your column. Thank you very much.

However, your “head banging” article had me in a belly-shaking laughing mode. I could visualize you and your Uncle Richard’s incidents of noggin whacking. And … ahem … I can relate to them.

Yet, your use of a certain word did provide me with an irritant. You wrote that your Uncle Richard “won” a Silver Star for gallantry on Pork Chop Hill in Korea. I almost go into a state of apoplexy when a person writes or states that word when referring to medals for heroism in combat. In my opinion, decorations such as these are “awarded.” They are not won. They are not presented as one receives a medal for winning a sporting event or contest. Soldiers in combat are not “competing” for a Silver Star, Bronze Star, Navy Cross, etc. These medals are awarded to an individual for a heroic act.

Just my 2 cents’ worth.

And … I hope no one stops you writing before you write more!

P.S. The last time I drove to downtown DC to witness the inauguration was for Jimmy Carter. The reason was because the Milford Drum & Bugle Corps marched in the parade. They were the smallest band in the parade, but they give it one helluva go. I was proud of them.

L. Kitt Stimson

Milford native (MHS Class of 1953)

USMC 1953-57

Fort Washington, Md.