There is a time and place for everything, including guns

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter because of a serious incident that happened at the Statehouse recently. Republican state Rep. Carolyn Halstead, of Milford, attended a hearing on full-day kindergarten where, as she was taking off her backpack, she knocked the loaded gun that was on her hip to the floor. It was extremely lucky for the young children and others in the room that it did not go off.

Her reaction was: “I apologize; I don’t normally carry a backpack. That’s not a good combination. Lesson learned.”

Representative Halstead: Really, that’s what you think the problem was – the backpack? I think you missed the point; the problem is the gun you were carrying. I’m pretty sure no one has been seriously hurt or killed by a backpack.

I found it alarming that you felt the need to even wear the gun into that particular hearing knowing there were little children there who would pose no threat to you. Please answer this question: “Couldn’t you have, just for this particular meeting, left the gun somewhere else?”

One of the constant refrains from those who do not want any restrictions on guns is that most gun owners are responsible and knowledgeable about gun safety; well, you were not.

Paula Trombi


Former Amherst resident