Buses disgorging illegal voters would be visible

To the Editor:

This past week, Donald Trump claimed that he and former Sen. Kelly Ayotte lost in New Hampshire because people were bused in from Massachusetts in order to vote illegally in New Hampshire.

I am a New Hampshire native; I live in the southern part of the state, near the Massachusetts border; and I have voted in New Hampshire for over 40 years.

On Nov. 8, 2016, I did not see one bus from Massachusetts at my polling place. Did any of you fellow New Hampshire voters see any buses at your polling places around the state? There were no local news reports of any such activity at the time. I would think that a bus with Massachusetts plates pulling up and disgorging illegal voters would be plainly visible and no secret.

In over 40 years of voting in New Hampshire, I have NEVER seen any voters from ANYWHERE bused into New Hampshire to vote illegally. Have any of you? If so, please inform Secretary of State Bill Gardner; I’m sure he will be surprised.

Trump’s claim that voters from Massachusetts were bused into New Hampshire to vote illegally is unsubstantiated precisely because there is no such evidence. It is a total lie.

The lies perpetrated by the Trump administration about New Hampshire voting procedure insults us as a state and as citizens of this country.

The Trump administration is attempting to limit voting rights nationwide with false allegations of voter fraud. The Trump administration and local state representatives are using the false claim of voter fraud in New Hampshire to pass legislation in Concord limiting voter access.

I believe strongly in the voting system currently in place in New Hampshire. Don’t believe the Trump administration lies: As New Hampshire voters, you know the truth. Former Sen. Kelly Ayotte was present when Donald Trump made his outrageous claim, but she did not correct him, nor confront him on this blatant lie. She remained silent. She failed to stand up for New Hampshire. And that was why she lost her Senate seat.

Denise Clark