Will help be there for you?

While we continue to be disappointed that officials in Amherst won’t support their police chief’s request for an additional patrol officer, we are heartened by the attitude of Lyndeborough officials toward a request from their police chief.

Granted, it’s a smaller monetary item, but support at any fiscal level for the police is always welcome.

Lyndeborough Chief Rance Deware asked for $1,035 for each of four police radios this year, and the same amount for the same number of radios next year. He explained that the current radios date to 2008 and are no longer made, so it’s difficult to get parts. He told officials that the department was to “place all of our equipment on a replacement cycle” to avoid sudden spikes in the police budget. We think that’s good planning, and we’re happy to note, so did the Lyndeborough Board of Selectmen, which support the purchase.

Police departments in all of our towns are generally pretty frugal and only ask for things they really need, so we think it’s a good idea to agree to their requests.

That is something we have said, fairly recently, about Amherst Police Chief Mark Reams’ request for an additional patrol officer, but some local officials aren’t buying into it. Indeed, the chairman of the town’s Ways & Means Committee said that Amherst “has much less crime than nearby towns and much lower property crime and violent crime.” Fine. But that’s now. We don’t mean to speak for Chief Reams, but it seems to us that what he is doing is looking to the future, knowing that his town will continue to grow, knowing that there will be more homes and businesses to protect, and knowing that it’s best to have someone in place now rather than waiting to really need that extra help.