Help support conservation efforts of natural resources

This year, the Milford Conservation Commission (MCC) requests the authorization of the town residents for Warrant Articles 28 and 30 at town vote on March 14.

The Milford Conservation Commission serves to protect and manage our town’s natural resources and to promote appreciation and enjoyment of those natural resources by our residents. An ongoing MCC initiative, Front Doors to Outdoors, seeks to connect the town’s trail system and improve access to that system to as many of our residents as possible. The MCC manages 1,100 acres of town forest with miles of trails actively monitored, maintained and improved by the commission and our many trail volunteers. These trails provide opportunities to see wildlife, waterfalls, old quarry sites, scenic vistas and historic remains.

Article 30 requests an appropriation of $25,000 to the Conservation Land Fund. The fund was created to accumulate funds for the acquisition of property and conservation easements. Back in 1999, the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) recommended maintaining a balance of $75,000. In 2017, with 18 years of rising land values since that 1999 recommendation, the BAC now recommends the Conservation Land Fund have $125,000 available; the fund balance is currently $73,000. Immediate availability of funds is crucial to enable the MCC to move quickly when properties of important conservation value come on the market for purchase, or protection though a conservation easement. Article 30 would appropriate $25,000 to the Conservation Land Fund to help move the fund closer to the BAC’s recommended balance.

Article 28 would merge town-owned properties to the adjacent Mile Slip Town Forest. This consolidation would enable the MCC to manage, preserve and protect those properties for conservation.

Please support the efforts of the MCC and vote tES on Warrant Articles 28 and 30.

Janet Urquhart

Milford Conservation Commission