Drew and Siegrist for Milford seats

There are two open Milford School Board seats on the ballot this year. Please join me in supporting Kevin Drew and Jenni Siegrist for these two open seats.

Kevin Drew has been on the board for six years, and he has done a great job the entire time. He has worked on many subcommittees in the background, providing leadership on many topics. He has thoughtfully balanced the trade-offs between the desire to keep taxes low while providing a quality education for our students. Kevin is an advocate for full-day kindergarten, which potentially will be started next year on a trial basis. He has made a solid contribution to the board and to the community, and he is worthy of re-election. Kevin has been the vice chair of the board for four years, and would be an excellent choice for chair next year.

Jenni Siegrist has been on the School District Budget Committee for the past two years, where she has learned the intricacies of the budget. She has been an active participant on the committee by providing numerous helpful suggestions about how to do things differently to be more cost effective. Jenni is a mother with two younger children in the district, so she will bring some needed diversity to the board to address issues from a different perspective. She has attended many School Board meetings in the past two years, and has provided insightful commentary on many topics, so she is up to speed on everything and will be able to be a productive member right from the start.

Please vote at the middle school on Tuesday, March 14, and please vote for Kevin Drew and Jenni Siegrist for School Board.

Paul Dargie