Fournier seeks support 
for Board of Selectman

My name is Suzanne Fournier, and I want to serve on the Milford Board of Selectmen.

I envision a BOS that:

• Is as transparent with the public as possible, truthful, and that always treats everyone fairly.

• Spends the residents’ money as approved by voters, rejecting temptation to spend money otherwise.

• Prioritizes the town’s needs, and works to fulfill those needs, such as having well-kept buildings (i.e., library and all the others), sidewalks, roads, bridges, parks and playgrounds.

• Cooperates with the School District for quality education within well-kept school buildings.

• Values highly the people who work for the town, supporting them as they support the residents.

• Provides all departments with the funding, tools and equipment necessary for efficiency of their work.

• Supports the character of Milford with low-cost social events like the summer band concerts, parades and the Pumpkin Festival, and lets the voters decide on other non-necessities they may be willing to fund.

• Considers policies that help to manage the population growth of Milford with a focus on quality of life of residents.

• Recognizes the importance of caring for the natural environment that gives back to the people in multiple ways: open space for outdoor recreation, clean air, clean water and wildlife.

I may be best known for working on environmental issues, but there is much more to me. I’ve served on the Board of the Friends of Wadleigh Memorial Library; on a town committee to clean up the Fletcher Paint Site, and managed a summer project to improve the rail trail for hiking that involved 50 volunteers.

I’m ready to serve on the BOS, and with your vote, I will. Thank you.

Suzanne Fournier