Seeking support 
for school board

On March 14, the residents of Milford have very important town election for elected officials, operating budgets, bonds and warrant articles affecting our community. I ask you to consider voting for me to represent you on the Milford School Board.

As a long-serving member and current chairman of the School Budget Advisory Committee, I have gained invaluable insight into the challenges and operations of our Milford schools. My demonstrated ability to work with varying perspectives in a respectful manner with the focus on providing the best educational opportunity to our children the taxpayers can afford is the hallmark of my candidacy.

As a father of two daughters who are products of the Milford school system, I have continually advocated for quality educational opportunities while gaining efficiencies in all areas possible. Consistently advocating for financial and operational transparency so residents and taxpayer can easily access materials fostering active engagement and participation in the process of governance.

My proven ability to understand current and historic Milford school issues, listen to and examine all sides, in addition to my strong knowledge and experience with the budgetary process, and ability to take a pragmatic approach to selecting the best choice, provides an excellent basis for being able to rapidly transition into an effective School Board member.

Thank you for your consideration and hopefully your vote!

Rick Wood