Support Butler 
for treasurer

I am the Amherst School District treasurer, and I ask for your vote and support for my re-election. Twelve years ago, I became the deputy treasurer, and have been treasurer since 2011.

As treasurer, I have developed a good working relationship with the SAU Office, the School Board and our banking partners, and, with your support, I look forward to continuing this positive growth and relationship for another three years.

As treasurer, I am responsible for:

• Balancing all bank accounts monthly and issuing monthly reports to the board and SAU office.

• Monitoring cash flow to ensure that there are adequate funds in the checking accounts.

• Ensuring payroll and accounts payable manifests are signed off on by the School Board prior to funds release.

• Making timely payment of all loans and bonds.

• Managing all deposits to the banks (ensuring compliance with regulations).

• Working to earn the highest “safe” interest rates.

The treasurer of the Amherst school system is an elected position and does not report or work for the school administration. The treasurer is a key component of the school finance system checks and balances. The School District develops the budget and spends against that budget, and the treasurer or deputy ensures that all proper approvals are in place prior to releasing funds. The treasurers are the only individuals authorized to write checks to cover expenditures. The School District does not have check writing authority, and the treasurer does not have spending authority.

Thank you for your past support, and I would appreciate your support going forward.

Catherine Jo Butler