Town benefits 
from experience

I would like to express my support for Rick Wood, who is running for the School Board in Milford.

I have known and worked with Rick in fire prevention for the past 16 years, and think he would be a great choice for School Board member. Rick was the fire marshal for the city of Nashua and ran the fire prevention division. He is very familiar with working with and staying within budgets. He also applied for and received several grants to start up and run the Nashua Regional Juvenile Fire Intervention Program, which has assisted and provided fire education to several dozen students. During his time as fire marshal, Rick was always willing to assist with questions and provide his thoughts on questions many of us have had. I have also taken several classes that Rick has taught and learned a great deal from his teachings.

I feel Rick would make a wonderful addition to the School Board, and the town would benefit greatly from his experiences. Please show your support and vote Rick in as a School Board member.

Joseph Triolo