Let police officers do their jobs regarding immigration

To the Editor:

I was quite surprised during the Wilton Town Meeting with how many people supported No. 18, Article 1: “In order to ensure that Wilton is a safe and welcoming community for all, employees of the town of Wilton shall not enquire about, report, or act upon any person’s immigration status under any circumstances while performing their duties.”

However well-intentioned, this premise is too far reaching in scope.

Should we handcuff our police officers when they use their extensive training and discretion in spotting suspicious individuals in the wake of so many terrorist attacks on U.S. soil? Does this also include those managing the voting checklist in elections? Or the Recycling Center employee who questions someone as they throw a questionable item into the dumpster? Or the welfare officer when someone applies for aid?

As Americans, we can always plead the Fifth Amendment when asked certain questions – illegal aliens don’t have that right, and what was bestowed upon us by our creator, our forefathers and defended by the blood, sweat and tears of our veterans would not be handed out in such disrespectful fashion.

Let our officers do their jobs without fear of incrimination.

Common decency can be achieved through common sense.

M. Randy Greeley