The real issue with ‘Obamacare’

To the Editor:

What’s wrong with “Obamacare”? Republican politicians have told us it is a “disaster,” a “train wreck,” a “catastrophe,” but they have offered few specifics to back up their hyperbole. About the only concrete negative they have cited is that insurance premiums have gone up.

Can you recall a year when health insurance premiums did not go up? Premiums increase in order to meet the insurance companies’ need to cover the cost of competition and to provide profits for shareholders in the face of increasing costs of providing health care. This is nothing new with Obamacare.

It seems pretty clear that the main thing that is wrong with Obamacare is the first five letters of the epithetical term by which it is called: O B A M A. Here’s the final irony in all this: It was Republican detractors who labeled the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” in the first place.

The real issue is that Republicans decided eight years ago that no accomplishment of any sort could be associated with President Obama.

The ACA is not perfect – all legislation requires compromise of one sort or another, but rather than try to repeal it, why not try in good faith to improve those things that need improvement, and if it makes them feel better, stop calling it Obamacare?

Graham V. Smith