Help support protecting the environment

To the Editor:

Some years ago, I fled the urban life for the tranquility of the country. I settled in a home up on a ridge in a wild, remote part of Lyndeborough adjacent to a beaver pond. I spent many hours by that pond, and sometimes was lucky enough at dawn or twilight to catch a glimpse of the beavers swimming and see the sparkling circles they made on the pond’s surface.

One day when I was returning home from work, there was a very unusual sight on that back road. By the edge of the pond, a tanker truck was parked. It had a sketchy paint job with hand lettering which said “WATER.” The driver was discharging liquid into the pond through a large hose.

In a panic, I drove to the police station, where the chief put up his hands and said, “I’m sorry, there are no regulations we can enforce about this situation.”

The Trump administration budget cuts $6.2 billion in funding to the EPA, whose job it is to enforce fundamental laws which keep our water clean and safe. Planned cuts to EPA staff will mean inadequate inspectors. Polluters will have free rein.

Many people have concerns about protecting the environment now. To make your voice heard, please join us at the Climate March in Washington, D.C., on April 29. There is low-cost, locally available transportation provided to the Climate March from Nashua and Concord through – where tickets and more info are available.

Amelia Shea

Wilton Peace Action