Sununu’s first 100 days all downhill

To the Editor:

Gov. Sununu’s first 100 days in office have been all downhill.

I’m not talking about his abuse of a government Twitter account to promote his family’s ski resort, I’m talking about the job losses he has overseen. Half a billion dollars in economic activity over 10 years, 1,500 partied jobs will be gone from New Hampshire as the NASCAR race in Loudon in September is moved to Las Vegas. New Hampshire has only one news TV station as WBIN closed down, losing jobs and cutting New Hampshire’s presence in the TV industry. Overall job creation is poor in New Hampshire.

The governor of Virginia has added the USA headquarters welcoming the Nestle Co. to Virginia and 750 full-time jobs. Why didn’t Gov. Sununu work to bring the headquarters to New Hampshire? Zero Fortune 500 companies USA headquarters are located in New Hampshire. Even Rhode Island has a Fortune 500 American headquarters.

Adding mall jobs and shopping plaza jobs does not create an economic future that expands the middle class. New studies have presented evidence that the lack of great jobs is one major force in the increase use of heroin. The lack of jobs, lack of opportunity and lack of hope leads to increase drug use. So Gov. Sununu’s lack of jobs creation is adding to the heroin problem in New Hampshire, not solving it.

Gov. Sununu’s first 100 days have been all downhill; let’s hope he changes course or he will drag down the whole state and our children’s future with him.

Frank Linnehan