Filling in pools threatens wildlife

To the Editor :

Four wetlands that also happen to be vernal pools are in the way of the town’s proposed excavation of the forested hills at the Brox town land.

What’s the town to do?

If you ask the town’s leadership, then fill them in. That’s exactly what they would have Northeast Sand & Gravel do.

Never mind that these vernal pools are collectively home to numerous animals that depend on them for their very survival – the spotted salamander, the wood frog and the fairy shrimp – members of vernal pool obligate species.

Never mind that they are a series of pools used by the threatened and endangered Blanding’s turtle, spotted turtle and Eastern hognose snake for food and cover.

In a shockingly anti-conservation move, the town and its partner, Fieldstone Land Consultants, are seeking an exemption from state officials so that Northeast Sand & Gravel can fill in these wetlands in pursuit of the money that was promised to voters.

But is this seriously detrimental ecological damage what the voters had in mind in 2016 when they agreed to let the town mine Brox commercially?

I believe voters were tempted by the unrealistic promise of big money into believing that all would be good. Well it won’t be if the selectmen continue to proceed on a path of unnecessary environmental destruction.

Town officials promised voters that a lot of quick money could be extracted from Brox, but failed to explain that it would come from the blood of the many animals whose lives would be destroyed just by this one act of filling in the wetlands of the Heron Pond Wetland Complex that is nothing less than an ecological gem.

Suzanne Fournier


Brox Environmental Citizens