Let majority ‘get on with our lives’

To the Editor:

In the May 11 edition of The Cabinet, Amelia Shea, of Wilton Peace Action, wrote to denounce the rollback of the EPA’s recent clean water mandate that was an overreach of their power under the Clean Water Act.

This overreach sought to regulate every culvert and puddle throughout the land, enforced with the full power of the federal government and the Army Corps of Engineers.

It is nice to sit up in Wilton and play with the lives of landowners in “fly-over country” with “fake” stories about the conditions of our waterways as they exist today.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa., during the heyday of the steel industry in that city, and worked in a steel mill to help pay my and my sister’s college tuition. I made 10 times the minimum wage at that time, and to this day, hardworking men and women continue to earn a living in what remains of the steel industry and the mining of coal in western Pennsylvania. The three rivers in Pittsburgh are clean enough to swim in today, and the sky is clear and clean. Fully 21 percent of the power generated in this country comes from coal power plants, almost all of which have pre- or post-combustion capture and sequestration technologies. But fear not, coal is being replaced with natural gas as the primary fuel for power generation today.

Companies and private citizens are bogged down with an impenetrable thicket of rules and regulations imposed by a federal government that sees no evil in what it does. Folks like Ms. Shea, the Sierra Club, Waterways Alliance and Earth Justice use the court system to file lawsuits against the EPA to win in court and impose more of their ideology on the rest of us. It is time to end this travesty and leave the majority of us to get on with our lives.

Finally, I would like to suggest Ms. Shea support the installation of a wind turbine in the center of Wilton. She can go to sleep to the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of the turbine blades and enjoy the flickering shadows across her property during the day, and then she can go out in the morning and pick up the dead birds and bats killed by this “renewable” energy technology. I think not!

Jim Coull