Lamminen was a ‘man who truly loved his town’

To the Editor:

The town of Wilton lost its ambassador of good will and purveyor of friendship this past week, but he will never be gone as long as there are those who remember him as a man who truly loved his town and worked tirelessly to keep the dreams of his town alive.

He was a man who always found time to lend a helping hand to those in need, was a community booster and a community friend to all.

I had the privilege of serving on the Board of Selectmen with him, and soon learned that he always had to courage to take responsibility, the courage to decide things using common sense and the courage to say yes or no when it was necessary. He was a first-class citizen, warm-hearted good neighbor and was everybody’s friend but no man’s man.

During his two terms on the board of selectmen, he firmly believed he lived in the best town in the best state in the best nation in the world, and always believed the hopes and needs of the people he served were his motivation to listen to their concerns and represent all of them with respect and concern. He often spoke of his town as being the most friendly, quiet, most beautiful place anyone would want to live.

He was elected to the board of selectmen during a time of controversy and turmoil pitting neighbor against neighbor and friend against friend, but quickly demonstrated his ability to be a team member, joining Charlie McGettigan and this writer in resolving difficult issues that brought our town back together. Responsiveness to all citizens coupled with reason and calm judgment resulted in a board who got things done, earning us the trust of all citizens.

Eddie J. Lamminen proved to all during this period that he loved his town, believed in preserving its history and serving the public as his forefathers did for over 200 years.

In this writer’s mind, he was the town of Wilton, and will always be remembered for his contributions to its progress. Memories of our lifelong friendship, our time serving the good people of Wilton, and the enjoyment we and our wives had representing our community at numerous state functions will never be forgotten.

Francis Gros Louis

Leesburg, Va.