Thanks for help with, response to military exhibit

To the Editor:

The response to the Milford Historical Society’s new military exhibition has been fantastic.

On Memorial Day, visitors started arriving at 9:30 and filled the Carey House Museum until 1 p.m. It was wonderful to meet so many people who came to look for information on relatives, share stories or just enjoy seeing our collection. The exhibition will be in the museum throughout the remainder of 2017.

There is an important addition to the exhibition. During World War II, Milford resident Winifred Wright was part of a group that kept a steady correspondence with Milford soldiers. The soldiers’ responses to the letters became part of our collection, and are filed alphabetically and chronologically in several binders. Each binder is indexed with the name of the responder for easy locating. We invite our visitors to read through them and search for letters that may have been written by relatives. We are willing to copy the letters if requested.

Putting this exhibition together took volunteers many, many hours. Without the cheerful and creative help from John from County Stores, Marcia Nelson, Barbara Tortorelli, David and Ben Palance, Chris Thompson, Brian Reed, Mark Genovese and David Nelson, it would not have been possible.

Thank you all.

Charlie Annand

Milford Historical Society