Keep kids safe without being invasive

To the Editor:

After reading last week’s editorial about the apparently crying need to submit to the “suggestions” of DHS to have every square yard of Souhegan High School under video surveillance, I can only say I expected more from the editorial staff of The Cabinet. I am not against keeping our students safe while in school; I’m against doing it in a restrictive and invasive manner.

I won’t go into the mission creep of DHS power over the years or of how many school shootings have been prevented under its watch. Suffice to say the number of shootings has increased since the “office” of Homeland Security was formed ( & DOJ/FBI report: A Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the United States Between 2000 and 2013).

Like the department’s octopus-like reach, its proposed solutions to school shootings also spread. Simply locking all entrance/exit doors of the school, allowing electronic unlocking and alarming them to show when the door is not latched and locked along with a camera covering each outside door would seem to be enough.

Remember the road to power lies in making the populace feel threatened, then providing a solution which usually impinges on a bit more of our rights. Those rights will be more difficult to regain than they were to lose.

Russ Brady