Both sides on paranormal must be considered

In response to the Oct. 26 article on my “Paranormal Event.”

In this article it states that nothing happened in the first hour, which was reported accurately, but this was a two-hour paranormal event, and something did happen in the second hour of the event, my spirit box had voices coming through it. I recorded this evidence and have it listed on my YouTube channel for all to see and witness. This does prove once and for all that Vale End Cemetery is haunted! By the way, Mary Ritter Spaulding lived from 1773-1808 and died at 35 years old, she was not born in 1763 as the article stated. There have been stories of hauntings at this location in the 1980s, 1990s and in the 2000s, so this place still is haunted currently. Even the Holy Bible talks of the existence of ghosts and spirits and a spirit world. The first recorded poltergeist case was in 857 in a farmhouse in Germany almost 1,200 years ago. You could capture a spirit in a bottle and a true skeptic would still find ways to disprove you. I want to say thank you to The Milford Cabinet for covering this event. But let’s listen to both sides of the story before we come to our own conclusions.