It’s time to do the right thing

By the time you read this, we hope that Sen. Al Franken has taken the lead and shown his peers, and the rest of male society, how to do the right thing.

We hope he has resigned from the United States Senate, and we hope that in his resignation speech he says this:

“What I did was stupid, certainly, but I hope not unforgiveable. I hope that my resignation from the Senate will send a message to my colleagues, and to the rest of America, that it is time for us to do the right thing. That means not only to admit and apologize, but to take full responsibility and, by stepping down as I am doing, to say that those in public life, those in industry, those in the media, must be better than what I proved to be.

“And I hope that people like Roy Moore will follow my lead.

“But more important, I hope that President Donald Trump will follow my lead. True, he has denied all of the allegations against him by a dozen women, but just the fact that so many women came forward and publicly accused him is an indication that he cannot possibly be the moral leader of this nation any more than I can.

“I hope in resigning today that you accept that I am trying to do the right thing by the country. Others should try, too.”

We have all done stupid things and many of us have done things that can and should be branded sexist. But not all of us aspire to be the moral leaders of the nation or even of our local communities.