Why no enforcement?

This morning, Nov. 14, I was traveling east on Elm Street toward the Oval. There was about a 15-minute delay to get by the Oval. There was a tractor trailer about 45-feet long with a sleeper tractor trying to get around the Oval. He didn’t make it, which held up traffic . I thought we had signs posted at the town line stating trucks should avoid the Oval. Why has it not been enforced. Safety is the first thing that came into my mind. Fire trucks and police, along with rescue vehicles, would be delayed if they were called. Please try to enforce the laws which have been passed for the safety of all. Some of them are complete stops going into the Oval from Amherst Street. How about directionals at the bridge area? So many vehicles are missing lights on them. Take a walk around your vehicle once a week and check for missing lights especially your plate lights and directional lights. How about these large trucks with the wheels extended past the wheel wells . I know of one truck – a dually, that has the outside wheel completely outside the wheelwell. And lets check the height of some of these small cars with the lowering kits. They could slide right under some vehicles if they rear end you. The big one that bothers me. Stay off your phone while driving unless it is properly equipped. Thanks for reading.