‘Most likely to succeed’

To Milford and surrounding communities:

To begin the school year, Milford educators assembled to watch a film titled “Most Likely to Succeed,” a slickly edited chronicle of the project-based learning at San Diego’s High Tech High School, a charter school. The film celebrated the confidence, creativity, resourcefulness and grit displayed by students in a lavishly funded alternative environment. How heartening to know that so many of the purported innovations touted in the film are part and parcel of the daily educational experience in Milford and surrounding towns.

Just before Thanksgiving, the MHS Theatre program staged an amazing production of “The Foreigner.” As audience participants, we were not only thoroughly entertained by the actors, but also greatly impressed by the sets, lighting and sound. The end product was an excellent depiction of cross curricular STEAM collaboration. Teachers Brian Carter, Frank Xydias and Peter Burger from the Applied Technology Center contributed their expertise guiding students in set construction and special effects design. Alumnus Tyler Soucy supervised sound and lighting. This venture is another example of how MHS strengthens the bridge between academics, public performance and technology application to assist students as they prepare for career, college and life.

Before the show and during intermission, we were treated to the opening of the Milford High School and Applied Technology Center Gallery of Student Work, a newly renovated space making public the art, technology and academic work of current learners. The gallery allows for live demonstrations and presentations of student work. This is another example of the collaboration between the curators, art teachers Jean Travelyn and Leigh Robinson, working closely with the ATC director Don Jalbert, assistant principal Steve Claire and video production teacher Jonathan Teger.

We feel most fortunate to be employed by the Milford School District and to be part of a culture that promotes active, student-centered engagement in arts, technology and humanities. Thank you to Dr. Brad Craven’s Theatre Production and Management class and to Craig Gallant’s Theatre Arts classes for a lively, thoughtful and evocative evening of entertainment. It is a concrete reminder that those who participate fully in the gamut of programs in local public schools are those, in fact, “most likely to succeed.”