Two seemingly unrelated issues amply illustrate the hypocricy of our our Republican-controlled legislature in Concord and of Sen. and Selectman Gary Daniels, in particular.

SB193 purports to give everyone a chance to send their children to private schools or to home school them, but in fact what it really does is to subsidize upper middle class families who get a discount on private school tuition that they were most likely going to pay anyway. It does this at the expense of Milford’s public school budget and/or your local property taxes.

HB1749 would make it impossible for towns to impose regulations to keep guns out of public places like schools and to prohibit shooting on Milford’s Brox property.

What is the common thread, and why does this inculpate Sen. Daniels in particular? The underlying issues are from the playbook of A.L.E.C. the Koch-brothers-funded organization that encourages and provides material support to state and local lawmakers for them to dismantle laws and regulations that benefit the people and favor instead, corporations.

Hypocrisy? The principle of “local control is best” is often used by Republicans to defend their stance against what they call “broad based taxes,” but here are two examples where local control really does not count for them. Daniels? You should know that he is on the national board of this organization, A.L.E.C, that represents the 1 percent, not you.