Hoyt seeks vote

I am running for Cemetery Trustee, because I believe the Trustee Board should be free of conflict and transparent to the public.

The Department of Public Works director is accountable to cemetery trustees on matters concerning the cemetery.

My opponent works as the administrative assistant to the DPW director. That means that the DPW director’s administrative assistant would also be his boss. This creates an inappropriate organizational structure.

Additionally, the Cemetery Trustee Board is an elected body that is expected by law to abide by state right to know laws and publish its meeting minutes and dates on the town website. This still needs to be done.

I graduated Milford High School in 2017. I am currently studying finance at Rivier University. Public service and helping people is a great passion of mine. I am involved with the Bob Foster Foundation, which raises money for graduating high school students. Additionally, I joined the town of Milford Recycling Committee in eighth grade. I have worked and served on many political campaigns, ranging from local offices to congressional. Later in high school, I served a term on the School Budget Committee to put education first and rein in spending.

I was upset when Michelle Obama’s food program regulations banned students from buying food from Milford High School’s student-ran restaurant, Windows on West Street. I took matters into my own hands, and I successfully lobbied Congresswoman Kuster to co-sponsor H.R.3006 – the School Food Modernization Act with the intent that hopefully this year, once things start moving, she will introduce amendments to fix the issue.

As your Cemetery Trustee, I will work to keep the Board free of conflict of interests and establish the transparency that is expected between trustees and the public, while ensuring that our cemeteries are well maintained and that the public is treated with dignity and respect.

And as your Cemetery Trustee, I will work to restore water lines at the Riverside and West Street Cemetery and ensure that our cemeteries remain clean and beautiful.

On Tuesday, March 13, I respectfully ask for your vote for Cemetery Trustee.