Hollis area trail improvements conducted by the Hollis Nor’Easters Snowmobile Club

To the Editor:

If you have taken a walk or a bike ride through any of the Hollis multi-use trails this summer and fall, you have probably noticed some changes to your favorite trails.

Good changes or even just the fact that they are as good as they were last year. Perhaps you were riding your horse and thought, “How come these trails are always so nice and constantly being improved?”

The quick answer is, because of the Hollis Nor’Easters Snowmobile Club. The Nor’Easters do have the title of snowmobile club, but good snowmobile trails start at the ground level. The club is really the trails maintenance crew for the town of Hollis and surrounding areas.

The Hollis Nor’Easters started off their spring by helping tidy up Silver Lake State Park, an important area for snowmobile parking in the winter. As a thank you to the town and state ranger, the club pitched in to beautify the park for the summer season. Improvements were also made to the trail heading up the hill to the apple orchards.

Another project was smoothing out the trail from Hayden Road up to Monson Village. This trail sees a lot of weekly traffic with dog walkers and tourists from out of town. There were many exposed rocks and wash outs that made the trail a bit rough. The Nor’Easters helped fund upgrading this entire section.

The Nor’Easters were not done there. A large project funded by Grant in Aid from the state, along with letters of recommendation from the Brookline Conservation Committee and surrounding clubs, took place on the Brookline Rail Trail. The old bridge that had long been missing was rebuilt and the section of trail around it was beautifully landscaped and renovated by Bentley Excavation. An annual running event, the Ghost Run, utilized the new addition in the fall. This area is a must visit for the upcoming snowmobile season.

The snowmobile club has even begun work on the power line trail from Hollis to Brookline. Power line trails are largely known for their rocky and wet conditions. It is the club’s intention to make this section an enjoyable trail for both warm and cold weather users.

The Hollis Nor’Easters are a volunteer group of snowmobile, hiking, biking and equine enthusiasts whose efforts are funded solely by membership dues and donations. The club encourages all trail users to highly consider joining the Nor’Easters so that these trail improvements can continue.

For more information, visit www.noreasters.org.