Thank you for helping move Brookline Food Pantry

To the Editor:

A huge thank you to everyone who helped to move the food pantry on Nov. 2.

Thanks to the great turnout, it got done in less than two hours and is beautifully organized in its new home downstairs in Town Hall. To access the new pantry home, go to the back of Town Hall, use the far door (the one the police used to use), and walk in there. There is a door to the food pantry next to the elevator.

You need to make an appointment, call me, Ann Webb at 673-3828 or email, or call Town Hall at 673-8855 ext. 2 in order to use the pantry.

We are well stocked with canned vegetables, soups and all pasta except spagetti.

The pantry is in need of instant potatoes, rice mixes (i.e. Rice-A-Roni), coffee (ground), snacks for children, cereal, pasta sauce, food wraps, garbage bags, Ziploc bags, toilet paper, paper towels, jelly and Fluff, ketchup, cheese, yogurt, butter, hamburger and chicken for freezer, canned pasta (SpagettiOs, ravioli), and laundry detergent. There’s a great need for toilet paper and paper towels.

Thank you!


Overseer of Town Welfare, Brookline