There are 2 sides to every issue

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Mr. Keith Thompson’s public comments regarding my recent visit to the Brookline Seniors.

The tactics that you accuse me of using are nothing more than simple and straightforward communication. I reached out to our seniors here in Brookline to share information that I thought they should know about. The tactics that you use and demonstrate time and time again are deliberately intended to bully and marginalize your opposition in an effort to silence them. Your tactics and your statements do not frighten nor intimidate me.

If you are going to make assertions about false and misleading information, then you ought to take the time to point out specific examples both in the information I provided and also on the website that was referenced. You lack credibility when you just make blanket statements about facts that you claim are false.

I am not alone in thinking that now is not a good time to incur new debt just because the old debt will be “retired.” The tax burden in Brookline is a pressing and growing concern for many. Nothing is depleting the disposable incomes of families faster than these annual double-digit tax increases. Nothing.

We ought to be moving with a sense of urgency to address it in a responsible manner. What I’m hearing from you is let’s just keep paying more and more and maybe we can talk about solutions next year. We have been hearing that same worn out talking point for 15 years. The can has been kicked down the road for far too long.

If you are going to persist with personal attacks and the marginalization of those needing property tax relief in this community, then perhaps you are not ready for public service.  If you have a problem informing the community about how their tax dollars are being spent, then please tell us why you disagree without these accusatory assaults intended to intimidate and silence people with whom you disagree. 

For my part, I will continue to move forward with proposals that control spending to address this situation, which by any objective standard, is unsustainable.