I ask for your vote on March 11

To the Editor:

My name is Carolyn Johnson and I am running for the Hollis Brookline Co-op School Board.

I have lived in Brookline with my husband for 20 years. We have two children; my son will be graduating from high school this spring and my daughter will graduate next year. I have thought long and hard about running for School Board and feel this is the best time for me.

I offer you three perspectives. First and foremost, I am a parent who has benefited over the years from a high achieving school system. As my son goes off to college next fall, I am confident he will be successful as a result of the fine education the communities of both Brookline and Hollis have provided him. My children have been taught and inspired by some amazing teachers over the years and we are most grateful for their experience.

Second, I am a taxpayer. Unlike some of our friends who may move once their children are out of the system, my husband and I plan to remain in Brookline and hope to retire here one day. Especially in retirement, my husband and I need to be able to afford to remain in our home. On the other hand, should circumstances require us to sell our home, any real estate agent would tell us the one item that adds dollar signs to our home is the school system.

Third, I am a teacher. I have taught English to high school students for 18 years. I love my students and my career. I am most passionate about public education. I have been through three NEASC evaluations and I have been witness to sweeping changes inspired locally, by the state and nationally – all attempts to move our educational system forward. I am most prepared to bring my experience to the table.

Finally, I have no hidden agenda. I am not backed by any specific group. I simply want to be a voice of reason and to focus on what’s best for our kids and our community.

I ask for your support on March 11.