I witness travesty of injustice towards our democracy

To the Editor:

On this day, March 6, I witness a travesty against the democratic order of this country. Something that is so near and dear to many people is their right to participate in a democratic process when it has a significant bearing on their financial situation, especially in these hard economic time.

There was a total of 810 people who represented a vote that impacts so many lives. Looking at the voting census from 2008 showed there were 5,257 registered voters in the town of Hollis and another 3,217 in the town of Brookline, totaling 8,464. Reminder, this was 2008 census so those number have grown. Less then one-tenth of the total registered voters voted in this process.

There was a highly represented teachers union that participated in that vote, which one of the issues at hand was a pay raise on a new contract. The other was a budget for the School Board. When a topic of raising taxes comes upon the many. It should not be done in a town hall meeting where the School Board and Budget Committee knows the participation rate is much lower and they can stack the cards against the public.

I asked for a full day vote on the issues at hand so all who participate in our democracy would have the chance to vote, and was denied. Therefore my wife was denied that chance because she was working that evening.

If these articles would have been brought forth on an election cycle where the majority of people participate, it would have probably been rejected. The town of Hollis and those who represented Brookline are deceptive in their practices. That town hall meeting should have only represented a discuss on the topic to be brought forth in a major election cycle where all registered voted would have a full day to cast deciding votes and have their say in our democratic process.

This is what is wrong with our politics. It is just as corrupt on the local levels, which spills over into our national politics.