Hollis Brookline Co-op meeting tried to quell free speech

To the Editor:

I write today as a concerned citizen and taxpayer after experiencing the recent deplorable cooperative board annual meetings.

I have never before seen such an orchestrated display to quell free speech and open discussion. On each of the “big” topics a line of people stood to speak, only for a person at the front of the line to move the question.

While I respect the wishes of the body to move the meeting along, most of the time, I felt that the points being raised were not repetitive. I myself was in line on each occasion and after speaking to people around me, we all had different points to raise. Not surprisingly, we all felt disenfranchised and that our annual meeting had resorted to a form of “mob rule.”

I would respectfully ask each of the moderator of Hollis and Hollis Brookline meetings, to allow those in live prior to the motion to curtail debate, to be allowed to speak. This is necessary for no other reason than respect and decency.

Otherwise, we might as well abandon this form of meeting for SB2, if we have no further interest in listening to ideas debated.