Reader finds Zore letter satirical

To the Editor:

Last weeks’ satirical letter by Mary Zore was hilarious. As a longtime satire writer, I especially liked her powerful use of irony.

She criticizes two previous HBJ articles as “emotional responses to the issues of our days while omitting important realities.” She then proceeds to present her own emotional responses while omitting important realities (facts). In satire writing, that’s called irony!

She asks a previous author if he knows most scientists trace DNA in humans back to two “original parents” (with the emotional connotation that science confirms the myth of Adam and Eve). But she omits the fact that these “original parents” lived among thousands of others just like them, that these “original parents” could easily have lived 100,000 years apart, and omits the fact that the DNA of these “original parents” can also be traced back billions of years to a single-celled “original parent.”

She then presents an emotional response that tries to equate the recent deaths of local young people to the deaths of “unborn children” as though an actual is exactly the same thing as a potential. She omits the fact that an “unborn child” is no more a child than an “untrained heart surgeon” is a heart surgeon. Would Ms. Zore let a first-year med student fix her heart valve on the grounds he’s an “untrained heart surgeon?” She omits the fact that God aborts (spontaneous abortion) more “unborn children” than humans. Should we also morn God’s abortions the same way we morn our young killed in car accidents?

Ms. Zore then goes after an articulate seventh-grader who defended gay marriage. She uses an emotional, out-of-context, quote from one lesbian to argue that “many” leaders of LGBT organizations are not really interested in gay marriage rights, but rather are out to destroy the institution of marriage. She omits any facts explaining exactly how gay marriage would destroy marriage. She omits the fact that more than half of straight marriages are destroyed by divorce without any help from the LGBT community.

Ms. Zore ends her letter with a final emotional response meant to scare lesbian couples raising children. She cites a study showing “young” raised without a father figure, causes “greater aggressive tendencies”. But she conveniently omits the fact the study was done on mice.

I think we can all agree that queer mice shouldn’t be allowed to marry because they’ll make crappy parents. Oh, the irony!